Impairment Training – 6th Edition


If you work with impairment assessments, you should understand the correct use of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. This course will provide that mastery. You will learn from Christopher R. Brigham, MD, Editor of the impairment “Guides Casebook” and “Guides Newsletter”, and Senior Editor of the “AMA Guides Sixth Edition”. Chris is highly regarded for his knowledge of impairment evaluation and the ability to convey his knowledge to others.

We are pleased to offer online training and rating guidance for most commonly encountered diagnoses and resources to enhance quality and efficiency, such as functional inventories that provide online scoring and printing. You also have access to online calculators, combined values, and conversions.



Faster return on your investment:

The Monthly Subscription is great and it’s without the added expenses of travel and being away from the office to attend a weekend seminar! It’s training when you have time, at your pace, and wherever you’re ready!

AMA Guides, Online Training –

Our unique members-only sites provide 24/7 access to extensive training and essential resources. Whether it’s the Fifth Edition, Sixth Edition, or both, use your membership here to leverage the quality of your reports and to improve your efficiency when performing or reviewing impairment evaluations.

Encountering a rating issue and you don’t clearly recall what to do? With convenient, online access all year you can find the answers to your impairment rating questions in this training course and as a subscriber you can return to any modules for review.

By taking this training you will be able to calculate most commonly ratable disorders, including spinal pain, upper-limb disorders (hand, wrist, elbow, shoulders, and entrapments), lower-limb disorders (foot/ankle, knee, and hip), nervous system disorders, pain and more.

Which training course do you need to take, 5th or 6th edition?

If you are providing an impairment rating for Federal Worker Compensation cases, the 6th edition is what you want.

For Personal Injury cases, it’s best to check with a local PI attorney or your state association to determine which will be best. Some states allow both the 5th or 6th editions, at the attorney’s discretion.



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